2015 The Big Drawing, catalogue text by Beathe Rønning Download (NO/ENG)

2015 Women Forward, Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde  Last ned katalog

2014 Frå modernisme til det kontemporære (s. 189-192), Gunnar Danbolt  Last ned artikkel

2014 Global Grammar/KORO, katalogtekst av Marianne Heier  Last ned katalogtekst

2011 Beyond Oxiana, 1 Shanthiroad, Bangalore  Download OCA press release

2011 Grey Anatomies by Jaideep Sen, TimeOut Bengaluru, January 11  Download article

2011 A Prior Magazine #22  Download press release

2011 Does Anyone Remember Unni Gjertsen? by Lisa Torell, A Pror Magazine #22  Download article

2011 Tales About Fraternity Power And Time – The Armenia Project, 0047  Download press release

2010 Eternal Tour, Jerusalem & Ramallah  Download booklet

2010 Correct Me If I’m Critical, Nordische Botchaften, Berlin  Download flyer

2008 Mai Zetterling – Off The Beaten Track at OCA  Download press release

2008 Headlines & Footnotes, Henie-Onstad Art Centre  Download press release

2007 If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution  Download E-Flux anouncement

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