Marit and The Microorganisms 2020–

Film in progress:

“Marit lives on a small eco-farm in Sweden. The compost with its microorganisms is the center of the lifecycle on the farm. Her life is about trying to heal from burnout. The body, the house and the earth, with all their microorganisms, are the theme of the film. Gradually a story is revealed, about violation of personal borders in the past.”

Supported by:

Viken Filmsenter

Fond for Lyd og bilde

Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond


Signaler 2020

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Including: Eira Einarsdatter Søyseth, Olav Fangel Jamtveit, Unni Gjertsen, William Sem Fure, Anders Bjørgard Prytz, Cecilie Almberg Støkson, Kristel Heyerdahl, Martin Brovold, Ina Charlotte Fjellhøy, Edith EmblaFrydenlund, Cecilie Andersen

Editor: Eivind Hofstad Evjemo

Design: Henriette Osnes