Creative History

CREATIVE HISTORY 2010 (2003-2004)

10 silk screen prints
100 x 70 cm

The work creates a possible but more or less false history of the public recognition and celebration of some well known women artists and intellectuals


1 Special version commissioned for the wall at UKS in Oslo October 2009–April 2010

2 Correct Me If I’m Critical, Nordische Botschaften, Berlin 2010

3 Hannah Arendt, silkscreen

4 If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, MuKHA, Antwerp 2007

5 Virginia Woolf, silkscreen

6 Installation, MuKHA 2007

7 Agnes Varda, silk screen

7 Meret Oppenheim, silk screen


























































Photo by Anu Vahtra